Smoothie for Weight Loss – A Delicious, Nutritious Option

Metabolism is one of the cornerstones of life. Here at the Smarter Science of Slim Blog, we know that, and in our pursuit to master our metabolisms, to harness our bodies’ natural energy factory to live better, healthier lives. Often this means considering adjacent ideas, things like diet or exercises or weight loss supplements to see what can help us in our own quests to master our metabolism and lose weight. To that end, we are looking at a subject we get a lot of questions about: smoothies for weight loss.

Smoothies for Weight Loss

Smoothies for weight loss at least, can be an incredibly nutrient dense, and low-calorie meal. The process by which smoothies are made make them ideal for those looking to lose weight or diet. They are simple to make, the ingredients are all easily controlled, and therefore can be tailored to whatever specifics you need in your diet.

Simply put, smoothies can be an indispensable tool for weight loss, so long as they fit your needs. The easy to create combinations of fruit, veggies, and even protein mean you can personally make a drink that delivers every single necessary nutrient for your diet. All in one easy to drink package. I’m so doing, you will be hitting every nutrition goal while making it incredibly easy to avoid overeating or any possible mistakes.


Weight Loss Start: Smoothie Basics

When it comes time to craft your weight loss smoothie, look at your diet guidelines first and foremost. Knowing how much of individual macro nutrients you require for the day can help you decide on where and how your smoothie will slot in.

Get your hands on a blender, any will do. Despite what marketing gurus may tell you, you don’t need a Super Ninja 9000+ BlendEmperor blender to make your healthy smoothies. Just something that is large enough to blend your ingredients together and you are golden. What to throw in? The goal for your smoothie weight loss, you should consider throwing a few of the following in!

  • AvocadosA crazy great source of healthy fats, delicious avocados. You need them to give your smoothie a great creamy texture and the fats will keep you satisfied and satiated, one of the possible hurdles in a smoothie dense diet.
  • Chia SeedsSpeaking of satiety, these little guys are -packed- with proteins and fiber to help keep you feeling full. Chia seeds can be thrown right into the blender or turned into a gel first. The gel does make their contents even more easily digestible but it’s ultimately up to personal choice.
  • BerriesAll kinds of berries are welcome. Packed with antioxidants, full of fiber, and a range of delicious tastes, berries are perfect for smoothies for weight loss focused people.
  • CinnamonThis may surprise you, but cinnamon is actually a powerful metabolism boosting compound. The cinnamon assists your body in regulating the metabolism of glucose.
  • Greek yogurtThe plain varieties are thick and will make for a perfect foundation to your smoothie. Avoid any with additional fruit, those are often loaded with excess calories.

Ingredients to Avoid:

  • DairyWhile dairy can make for a good texture to your smoothie, weight loss demands lower calorie smoothies when possible.
  • Fruit JuiceFor the same reason as above. Milk and fruit juice are both fairly common base liquids for smoothies but when it comes to weight loss, they are both just too calorie dense with extra sugars. If you’re putting fruit in your smoothie already, don’t worry about juices.

Smoothie Basics

Get creative with your own smoothies

With this basic outline of what makes a good smoothie for weight loss, you too should be able to ramp up your own metabolism and help shed the excess pounds. When it comes to overclocking your metabolism, it is important to remember that it works off calories and if you’re eating too little your body’s system of burning and converting to energy will work less efficiently. That’s why for those who are interested in juicing their metabolism, it is important to keep a reasonable amount of daily ingested calories.

A smoothie for weight loss, or just an after-meal treat, can perfectly deliver the needed nutrition so long as you put a little care into it. Chances are if you’re reading the Smarter Science of Slim blog you are willing to make that effort.

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  1. I’d alike to suggest the following additional ingredients. Vegetables, especially of the green leafy kind, are also a good addition. Spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, and celery are some that I use. Also a tablespoon of peanut butter, and a 1/4 C of rolled oats add protein and satiety respectively. Other fruits besides berries should also be considered. Bananas, mangos, plums, and peaches are good choices. Rotate your ingredients for a slightly different taste every day.

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