The Effectiveness Of Reiki

Based on an early 20th-century Japanese practice, Reiki is best described as spiritual healing. The term is typically not associated with hospitals or medicine, especially in America; however, more reputable facilities have been adopting and offering reiki programs in recent years.

As the skepticism wains, it is natural for patient questions to arise. Is Reiki effective? Is it real? While questions are abundant, the answers are few. Few, if any, peer-reviewed journals have offered studies of the practice, and any studies that do exist elsewhere focus on a patient's feelings rather than science-backed data.

If the science of Reiki cannot be proven, then why are hospitals permitting and suggesting reiki treatments to patients? In a nutshell, pain management is challenging and comes with its fair share of risks, primarily when narcotics are involved. Reiki offers an alternative to prescriptions that some might find compelling. Additionally, many patients find the combination of medications, therapy, and Reiki effective.

Lack of Evidence

There is no concrete proof that reiki works. However, when meditation and yoga became mainstream, there were few studies to prove their effectiveness.

While people might be concerned that a hospital is offering alternative medicine to patients, there is no mandate that they have to use it. The growing popularity and recognition of such programs suggest popularity and usefulness.

Unfortunately, popularity does not equate to tangible and measurable change. Many opponents to the acceptance of Reiki argue that any results are placebo, that patients are not experiencing any real benefit. However, proponents of the practice and its adoption into hospitals say that a positive response is effective enough.

Power of Positivity

While there is no significant evidence to support Reiki as a legitimate medical therapy, research and evidence support the claim that a positive attitude improves patient outcomes. Studies have proven that people who maintain a positive outlook about treatments, surgeries, or conditions typically experience fewer adverse side effects and pain, suggesting that psychology plays a role in treatment and outcome.

While Reiki might not have a swath of supportive evidence, patients express feeling better after a session. Don't patient feelings matter. As some medical experts expressed, there is no definitive way to measure pain, but doctors still believe patients when they say it, so why can't professionals accept that Reiki works for some people.

Is Reiki Right for You?

Unfortunately, because Reiki does not have much supportive evidence, it is up to you to decide if it is right for you or not. The best way to tell is to schedule a reiki appointment with a professional and certified practitioner. See how the visit goes. If you experience something positive, then it might be worth it for you.

Reiki is not for everyone, and there is little evidence to suggest it works. However, despite the lack of credible evidence, Reiki can still be an effective practice, especially when combined with other treatments.

What do you think about Reiki? Do you have experience with the practice?

5 Replies to “The Effectiveness Of Reiki”

  1. I agree that everyone is different.Different strokes for different folks.Sounds interesting.I might give it a try.
    Please send me some information as to where I can make an appt
    Thank you.

  2. Reiki has most definitely worked for me. Will use again when I have strained muscles. A friend was told by her orthopedist that Reiki diminishes scar tissue so apparently doctors know there is benefit from Reiki.

  3. I have not personally had a Reiki Experience .. however have friends that have.. they had a positive outlook on the practice & felt it had relieved pain & offered relaxation & a calmer feeling of well being ..
    So I look forward to finding a local practitioner to experience it for myself..

  4. I have been a Reiki Master Teacher for many years, and I can tell you that this Healing Frequency is real. Results from before and after photos using Kirlian photography show its effects. Years ago I made 2 trips to Ukraine to do Reiki Attunements so that victims of Chernobyl could use this wonderful Energy to heal themselves and others. The effects there were NOT placebos. I have used Reiki in my Healing Practice since 1980 and have witnessed many healings, some quite miraculous. I am deeply grateful that This Gift has been such a profound part of my Spiritual Journey for so many years. It has changed my life—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It is Love Expressed, and I am deeply humbled and grateful to be Its Channel. 💞🙏💖🎆

  5. I took a reiki class at the local high school many, many years ago! As a result I became a Reiki Master. Every week we have a Reiki Circle with other Reiki masters. The facilitator is an amazing Master. Yes, it has help me to relax and get through many illnesses! Just love it!

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