Is a Slow Metabolism the Real Cause of Diabesity?

The weight rallied around you, and before you knew it, you were back to where you started – only worse. You had gained 10 extra pounds. You likely felt guilty, blamed yourself, wondered what was wrong with you.

Well…nothing was and is wrong with you. It has been scientifically proven that if you eat more, your metabolism burns more, and if you eat less, your metabolism burns less. Slashing calories causes a self-protective mechanism in your body to occur, revolving around your setpoint weight.

Setpoint weight and diabesity

Your setpoint weight is where your body has decided you need to be, based on signals from your hormones. These hormones are in your brain, your gut, and your fat stores. Their job is to regulate your nutrition and your fat. They are there to keep you alive.

If you cut calories, they’ll send some initial signals designed to make you eat. You’ll feel hungry, for instance, or have cravings for certain foods. If you ignore those signals, a slow metabolism will result, and it will get slower as the calorie reduction continues. When you start eating normally again, you’ll gain up to your setpoint weight again, plus a few more pounds as insurance against future starvation.

Each time you try another low-calorie diet, it raises your setpoint even more. You slow metabolism just gets slower. It’s a vicious circle that you cannot easily escape when you do it the conventional diet way.


Reasons for an elevated setpoint

Your body is an amazing machine. It regulates your heartbeat, your respiration, your wake and sleep cycles. It also regulates your calories, at least, that’s the way it’s supposed to work. Have you ever wondered how a naturally thin person can eat so much, but not gain weight? Blame it on the setpoint.

To keep the weight at the setpoint of a naturally thin person, the body adjusts the calorie burn of various metabolic processes so that the extra calories are dissipated. The body works to keep their body thin, which is the way it’s supposed to work. We are not supposed to be heavy. The body has all kinds of built-in safeguards against excess fat, but something went wrong.


The dietary link

From about the 1960s onward, fast food restaurants, processed foods, starches, and sugar became an increasingly popular part of most people’s diets. A steady diet of these foods dysregulate the hormones, causing them to send incorrect messages the body. They’ll tell you-you’re hungry when you’re really not. They’ll tell your body to retain fat instead of burning it. These confused hormones cause an elevated setpoint, low metabolism, and diabesity.

22 Replies to “Is a Slow Metabolism the Real Cause of Diabesity?”

  1. So eat when you are hungry? Don’t eat fast food, high fat, processed foods and sugar? Any other suggestions? Those were my take always from the article.

  2. I workout 6 days a week and try to stay away from sugar. But I can not drop the weight.

  3. So right, I love bread, because I didn’t have bread when I was child growing up, most of the European families were struggling to provide food, in our family main biet was ” boiled potatoes, tomatoes, polenta, milk, while in season and ocassional chicken soup and meat.
    There was no bread , beacose I didn’t have bread in my child hood, I am traying to catch up with these missing foods I never had while growing up. Maybe that’s the reason that I have lots of ( somehow todays unhealthy bread and other processed foods) now at my age of middle 70.

  4. Incredible! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!

  5. So I’m confused on set do I get the scale go down. Is it bye eating more fat
    Please help
    Thanks Roseanne

  6. Hi I understand what you’re talking about. I’ve been gluten free and sugar frwe for about two years. I don’t go to restaurants or fast food restaurants. I only eat organic. I make my own food. No change in my 336. Lbs.

  7. What can I do to regulate my hormones and reduce more weight as I am over weight and I am trying everything but in vain.

  8. How does someone lower thier srt point i have gained almost 100 lbs in less than a yrar andi dont understand why i dont feel well any more i cant breathe well or even get around like i use to i have pain all over my body and i want to lose weight i just dont kniw how to stop eating and stop the junk food cravings causr i have no will power to those cravings and it seems like i have no control overthe quantity of the junkfood intake i really want to lose weight but just cant. Seem to figure out how

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  11. Thank you so much. I guess the setpoint can be offset, am I right?
    How can one offset it so that it goes to one that allow me become small and them maintain the small size.

    I have been knowing about fast (sad) foods and I have tried to do away with these foods apart from parathus which is a delicacy in my home. I workout for three to four days but has helped me to just maintain but not to lose weight.

    Kindly guide me, I want to hate parathus (wheat flour product) may be it can help me lose weight.

    But again she I look at my family, am the tenth child but we ar all fat. Can I give up on losing weight?
    I have starved myself, worked out but no positive results have come my way.

    Thank u so much.

  12. I was told by a weight loss doctor do what ever it takes to lose weight, diet and exercise and then you must keep your weight there for approximately 18months at least and your body will see this as a new set point. It will get a little easier to stay there if you do that, I’m sure it’s still not going to be easy but easier. I got appetite suppressants from a doctor so I could eat less, I’m losing weight still haven’t got to the end yet but have lost 7kgs. Hope this helps

  13. Idk if I agree.
    I met my ex 25 years ago. He was 6’2, 148 lbs, and hardly ate regular meals.
    When I began to serve him 3 healthy meals a day, his weight began to increase.

    He became so “infatuated” with food that he began eating & trying every American dish, (he’s French/Canadian).

    I believe that his body was accustomed to his mothers French/Canadian ways of preparing foods as compared to the American preparation, (not fast foods, now), which might be an entirely different combination of fats & sugars?! They have creamy sauces, add lots of wine to food while cooking, etc.

    I believe everybody has a body type. When you learn medically what that type is…you will lose the weight!

    Best regards,

    Ms. L. Hendry

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