How to Increase BMR

Welcome back to the Smarter Science of Slim Blog, covering all the important info related to metabolism, metabolic disorders, and more – heck, we even took a look at smoothies and their application for weight loss! Elsewhere on the blog we recently looked at what makes for a good BMR and discussed that BMRs of all ranges can be ‘good’ so long as you are adapting your lifestyle choices to it. Your individual BMR is essentially the base fuel system of the body and here is how to increase BMR!

To increase BMR is a goal of many on the weight loss kick and it makes sense. In the most basic of terms, a higher basal metabolic rate essentially means more calories burned, more calories burned means more weight loss.

Well, if that question is on your mind ‘how to increase my BMR,’ then this blog is for you.

First, what goes into calculating your BMR? There are several basic ways to find an estimated BMR to get you started. There are several more factors that determine what a person’s individual BMR is. As with anything medical, there is a wide range of ‘normal’ and your BMR may be anywhere from the low end to the high end. Men, for instance, tend to have a higher BMR than women because of their generally larger frames. Here is a full break down of the factors involved in determining BMR.

Increase BMR

Factors affecting BMR

  • GenderAs mentioned, gender plays a role in the basal metabolic rate.
  • AgeGenerally speaking, as you age your body slows down, due to hormone changes as well as a decrease in muscle mass. So too does your metabolism.
  • Muscle MassSpeaking of muscle mass, the more you have the more increased your BMR. Muscle tissues require more energy to function than fat and so create a higher BMR.
  • GeneticsWhether through genetic predisposition or disorders, your BMR can be higher or lower than averages for otherwise similar bodies.
  • HormonesAs mentioned underage, hormone changes can affect a huge host of bodily functions. Disorders linked to hormone imbalance, like thyroid issues, for instance, can raise or slow your BMR.
  • ChemicalsCaffeine or nicotine can increase our metabolic rate, while drugs or medications can have an inverse reaction.

So, knowing what factors play a role in BMR, how can you speed it up? Here are some tips from if you’re looking for how to boost your metabolism now. Keep reading to see how to raise your BMR.


How to increase BMR

Increasing BMR can be done in a number of ways, most fall into two camps. Eating and exercise.  Approaching it from those two avenues will see your BMR increase and, if all is done correctly, the weight comes off.


  • Eat BreakfastEating breakfast in the morning is important for jumpstarting your metabolism for the day. Sure, this doesn’t affect your basal rate, but it will see your everyday metabolism elevated throughout the day.
  • Regulate MealsEating meals paced throughout the day can net you an increased metabolism. Your metabolism operates when it has fuel to convert, so keeping it regularly (but not too heavily) engaged will have it high.
  • Don’t Crash-DietCrash dieting throws your body out of whack. As it crashes and tries to adapt to the sudden lack of fuel sources and energy the body will begin to slow its BMR to match the change.


  • Add Muscle MassAs mentioned earlier in the factors that affect BMR, muscle mass requires a higher base level of energy expenditure. As such, bulking up and adding on lean muscle will raise your BMR.
  • Add More ActivityBMR is all about the body at rest, using no excess energy. Obviously, that is a bit out of the realm of normal possibility. As such, raising the activity levels in your average everyday routine will see your ‘BMR’ (here in quotes because it’s really just your adjusted average metabolic rate) raising.


  • Address Hormone ImbalancesIf you suffer from a hormone imbalance such as hypo- hyperthyroidism, get treatment to bring your body under control. With balance restored, your BMR will be able to function how it should.
  • Avoid Chemicals that Lower BMRIf you are taking medications that slow your metabolism, you may be able to speak with your healthcare provider about other options, but only if you can do so in a healthy manner!

By understanding and addressing these factors, everyone has the know-how to increase BMR. Much of it is simply getting your basal metabolic rate up to the speed it should be functioning at, as unfortunately due to various illness and health problems many of ours are hindered.

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