Finding the Time To Workout

Finding the time to workout and remain physically active can be a struggle. The modern pressures and 24-hour grabs for people’s attention seem to undermine every health mantra, leaving many unaware of or unable to secure the benefits of routine exercise.

Most people understand that exercise is good for them, that it ensures coordination, mobility, and sustained strength during the aging process. The challenge is demonstrating how exercise is essential, especially when people already struggle to prioritize family, work, and friendship into the all-too-short 24-hour day.

Thankfully, an exercise routine can fit into your current schedule. There are at least five ways to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle without interfering too much with your existing plans.

1. Exercise During Your Commute or Errands

Many people do not consider how much time they spend commuting from one place to another, using trains, subways, cars, etc. Instead of spending that time sedentary, consider using it to exercise. For instance, many people bike to work, which is an excellent way to get aerobic exercise while practicing balance and endurance. Depending on your physical capabilities, you can choose to walk, run, or bike to the grocery store or perform other errands. While it might seem extreme, converting your commute into an opportunity for exercise is one of the best and most effective uses of your time. However, you will need to consider where you can shower once you arrive at work.

2. Embrace a Schedule

Most people schedule everything nowadays. Why should exercise be any different? Think of your physical activity as a crucial meeting or another unavoidable requirement and pencil it into your calendar.

People often overestimate how much time they need to exercise on any given day. 20 to 30 minutes of moderate activity is the requirement for most adults, meaning that the government recommends about two and a half hours of exercise every week.

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3. Get Up Early

There is a solution if you cannot find the time during your existing schedule to exercise: get up earlier. Instead of waking up at seven, set your alarm a half-hour earlier. By waking up slightly earlier, you can guarantee you have enough time in your day to exercise, achieving the recommended 20 to 30 minutes.

4. Join a Gym

Some people need a little encouragement or incentive to workout. If you are one of those people, consider joining a local gym. Many people will go to the gym when they are paying for it, but remember to find a convenient and close place. If you select a gym that is out of the way, it becomes an excuse to avoid it.

5. Change Your Mindset

Most people need to change their mindset about exercise. Too many individuals see exercise as an obligation and not something enjoyable. Healthy activity can be challenging, but the key is to look beyond the activity. What does exercise enable you to do? How will it benefit you now and in the future? The key is to find the joy and motivation in the practice and routine, to change your mindset, and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

In the end, finding time to exercise is about dedication and searching for small opportunities. Do you have a routine that helps you stay healthy? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Hi,I am 63 years old lady and i wake up early and do my exercise at 7.00 am and i do the threadmill for 30 mins every dsy.Is that enough for me please??? Thanks for all the information ,which i find of great help.Keep up the good work.

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