Don’t Miss These 6 Perks of Cold-Pressed Juice

Cold-pressed juices are the latest health craze sweeping online influencers, not to mention your fittest friends. While you've probably already enjoyed fresh-squeezed juice from a farm stand or your own kitchen, cold-pressed juice is a category all its own.

The difference is in the production. Fresh-squeezed juice relies on a centrifugal juicer, which removes the good stuff from your produce with a fast-spinning blade. However, the speed of the blade also creates heat and allows air to enter the mixture. These factors create oxidation, which can deplete the vitamins and nutrients in your morning beverage.

A cold-pressed juicer preserves the good stuff with a hydraulic press that slowly extracts the juice without affecting its quality. This process boosts the nutritional value of your juice by making sure all the minerals and vitamins get into every glass. Jump on the juice express by exploring the health benefits of a refreshing cold-pressed bottle of your faves.

Ample Antioxidants

Compounds called antioxidants help the body fight off free radicals. These environmental pollutants can affect the makeup of our cells, increasing the risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases.

Some of the best antioxidant sources to look for in fresh-squeezed juice include broccoli, spinach, kale, carrots and sweet potatoes. Most berries are also rich in these valuable compounds, including strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Cold-pressed tomato juice is an excellent source of an antioxidant called lycopene. Studies show it lowers stroke and heart attack risk. You can't beat beets for an antioxidant called betalain, associated with reduced inflammation, heart disease and cancer risk.

Extra Energy

Green veggies contain a substance called chlorophyll that increases your blood oxygen levels. This effect boosts both your physical stamina and your energy to focus on mental tasks. Before your next big work presentation or exercise sesh, grab a cold-pressed juice that contains ingredients like kale, spinach, parsley, celery and cucumbers.

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Increased Immunity

Cold-pressed juice with ingredients rich in vitamin C can help your body fight off unwanted invaders. Fruits and veggies that provide an immunity boost include broccoli, garlic, beets, celery and carrots. If that sounds a bit pungent for your first meal of the day, look for a brand with about one part fruit to two parts veggies.

Lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper provide a spicy vitamin C combo if you can handle the heat. This cold-pressed juice blend also contains lots of beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant. Tomato juice is another classic choice with high C content.

As a bonus, vitamin C encourages collagen production. This compound helps the skin retain moisture and elasticity as we age; it also benefits bone, muscle and joint health.

Enhanced Relaxation

A healthy dose of spinach, a popular ingredient in cold-pressed juice, infuses your body with magnesium and amino acid. These nutrients help relax the nerves and muscles, promoting reduced stress and better sleep.

Good Gut Health

If you're in a tropical mood, go for a cold-pressed papaya juice if at all possible. This island fruit is rich in papain, which helps your body process protein. Ginger adds a spicy zing while reducing symptoms like nausea and bloating. If you frequently experience indigestion or constipation, add chopped cabbage to your juice for relief.

Essential Eye Support

Juices that contain cantaloupe, squash, kale, broccoli and carrots have tons of vitamin A. This nutrient helps ward off age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration, which leads to blindness. Vitamin A also supports immune function, strengthens the bones and reduces risk for certain cancers.

The cold-pressing process helps keep the nutrients in the juice so you get even more noticeable benefits from this healthy regimen. When shopping for cold-pressed juice, look for ingredients that address your personal health concerns.