How To Ease Arthritis Pain

Never let arthritis pain hold you back from doing the things you love. You have an active, wonderful personality that needs to be expressed! There are many natural solutions to alleviate and prevent arthritis pain. Read on to discover healthy secrets to joint pain relief:

The Benefits of Weight Loss for Arthritis Pain

Reaching your weight-loss goals obviously makes you feel happy when you look in the mirror, but did you know that it’s also one of the best ways to alleviate arthritis pain? Staying fit reduces the amount of stress your joints have to deal with by a lot.According to the Arthritis Foundation, every pound you lose saves your joints from four pounds of pressure.

That means that if you lose just 10 pounds, your joints feel like you’re walking around 40 pounds lighter! Now that’s amazing long-term pain relief and better mobility — all without needing to take strong pain medications.

The Best Exercises for Getting Rid of Arthritis Pain

Staying active can make a huge difference when it comes to living your life free of arthritis pain. Why is exercise so important for your joints? For one thing, it keeps the tissues flexible, which can reduce joint stiffness and pain.

What kind of exercises are best for alleviating tender or swollen joints? According to Mayo Clinic, you want to look for activities that strengthen your muscles without irritating your joints. Here are a few possibilities:


•Brisk walking

•Riding bicycle


•Pool exercises

•Low-impact aerobics

Exercising also helps you build strong muscles and strong bones, which means less stress for your joints. Working out helps you sleep better at night and gives you more energy during the day.

Tips for Getting Rid of Stress and Pain

Stress and joint pain go hand in hand. When you’re anxious, it triggers hormones that can cause inflammation, pain and cartilage damage. That’s why one of the best ways to prevent and stop arthritis pain is to say goodbye to stress for good.It’s OK to pamper yourself. You’ve earned it! Your joints will thank your for a relaxing day at the spa. Schedule a soothing massage (with a professional who knows about arthritis) or an acupuncture treatment. These techniques naturally release feel-good hormones in your body that ease arthritis pain and give you a sensation of well-being and happiness. 

Try taking a bubble bath. Soaking for 10–15 minutes in hot water can help get rid of joint stiffness and put you in a great mood before bed. Some people relax by reading a favorite book, going for a walk outdoors, watching a sunrise with a cup of tea or cuddling with a pet. Spending time with friends is another excellent way to enjoy every day more.

The Best Foods for Arthritis Pain

The Best Foods for Arthritis PainEating nutritious foods can be the key to saying sayonara to pain. Certain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients have the power to reduce swelling, stiffness and pain naturally. Here are some foods and supplements that should be at the top of your grocery list:

• Fresh salmon, tuna, herring and mackerel

• Turmeric, ginger and garlic

• Extra virgin olive oil•Goji berries, cherries, blueberries and blackberries•Green tea

• Broccoli and spinach

• Low-fat yogurt, milk and cheese

• Whole-grain cereals

Omega-3 fatty acids have incredible effects on short-term and long-term joint inflammation. Special building blocks called collagen peptides can also reduce joint pain by helping to protect and fortify your cartilage.

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  1. Great advice!
    A few other things I think can help;
    Avoid citrus fruits
    Maybe nuts
    Gluten omg yesway!
    Anthropology proves this (Study of bones and teeth in old skeletons)
    4000 years ago they began to increase grains in the diets.
    What happened to them?
    Tooth decay began
    Smaller in height
    Osteo arthritis and other bone issues
    Why tooth decay?
    Your mouth has its own Micro Biome too and it’s either
    Alkaline or
    Grains specifically Wheat, Barley and Rye create 2 things,
    Acidic mouth biome
    Over time a far greater chance of Leaky gut and then 1 of more than 100 autoimmune disorders

  2. I need 2 knee replacements, separately. Can you suggest anything, food, exercises, that can help while I wait for my surgeries. I do have osteoarthritis. Thank you . Is it still true medically that sugar contributes to arthritis pain?

  3. I have such encrusting pain in my index, middle and ring fingers on both hands that I can barely stand the pain. I have been asking my dr to help me to no avail. Sometime my fingers feel hot.
    Almost like when I get the gout. Please please help me.
    Thank you

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